2007-12-07 Ga Tingshuset, Östersund
2007-09-01 Ga Tingshuset, Östersund
2007-06-15 Regnrocken, Östersund
2007-03-03 Wäsa, Dalarna
2006-12-01 Wäsa, Dalarna
2007-11-21 Gig at tingshuset
We will play at tingshuset december 7:th together with Myrah and Hollow Scorn.

2007-11-06 Gig cancelled
The gig in Övik is cancelled due to Astral Doors not being able to play that date.

2007-10-26 Gig in Övik
We will support Astral Doors in Örnsköldsvik at Sliperiet November 17th. Destynation will also play.

2007-08-20 Gig at Tingshuset
We will support Nocturnal Rites at Ga Tingshuset on september 1:st. The show is arranged by Hårdrocksklubben.

2007-03-31 Regnrocken
We´ll be performing at Regnrocken in Östersund at Folkets Hus, 2006-06-15.

2007-01-15 Hockey anthem
We've made an anthem for the local hockeyteam, Jämtland Hockey. It will be played during games and will also be sold at the arenas.Listen to a sample here.

2006-10-10 Gigs coming up
2 gigs coming up, the 27:th of October at Fritidsgården in Lugnvik, and at the beginning of December in Wäsa, Dalarna.

2006-08-16 Gig coming up
25:th of august, in Älvdalen.

2006-02-18 Order Injecting Impressions
It is now possible to order the demo through Payson. The cost is 60 kr + shipping. Order it HERE. Enter your adress in the message-field when ordering and we´ll send you the demo as soon as possible.

2006-01-08 New stuff
Some new stuff here. A Biography section and a Newsletter. Subscribe!

2005-12-17 100 years later...
...the demo is finished. It is being copied at the moment and should be available at Skivhörnan and some other places before christmas. The songs will eventually be available for download here later.

Samples: Sample1, Sample2, Sample3.

2005-07-02 Gig...
Today! At Hamnfesten in Örnsköldsvik.

2005-04-01 Preview
Download a short sample from our upcoming demo. Keyboards are recorded but not rendered into this clip.

Almost done now except vocals on one song and some keyboard stuff.

2005-03-20 Studiodiary update
Bass is done. And keyboards. We are actually almost finished with the vocals, so more updates are coming real soon!

2004-12-02 Gig
At dragonen, tomorrow!

2004-11-03 Studiodiary updated
Updated the diary with some guitarwork. Video will be added soon.

2004-10-24 Studioupdate
We have finished the guitars, except the solos which will be added later. We'll update you with pictures and video in the studiodiary shortly!

2004-09-17 Video update
Studiodiary updated with a short video of the drumrecording.

2004-09-14 We've started recording...
...our upcoming demo. Check out the studiodiary to keep up with what the hell we're doing. So far the drums are done. Videoclips will be added soon.

2004-09-02 Pictures added
Some pictures from the show at Storsjöyran have been added.

2004-08-02 A big THANK YOU...
...to everybody who came to our show at this years Storsjöyran. You were all great and we hope to see you at future gigs!

2004-07-15 Gig
We have a gig in Hammarstrand this saturday. Be there or stay home.

2004-05-18 Tavion will play at Storsjöyran!
We will perform on the Club Chrome-scene at this years Storsjöyra.

2004-04-20 Some new pictures
In the unsorted section.

2004-04-13 Guess what?
We have a gig at källarn. This friday.

2004-03-09 The gig...
...at Gamla Tingshuset will be the 2:nd of April.

2004-03-02 Gig at tingshuset
We have a gig at Gamla Tingshuset in the beginning of April. Exact date coming soon.

2004-02-17 Small gig...
At a fritidsgård kalled Dragonen, this friday.

2004-01-24 Status...
In case you are wondering what we're up to, we're currently writing songs for our next demo. We've got 4 finished songs, and 2 more are in the process. The songs we have so far are a bit faster and more agressive than the old ones. There might be a preview soon...

2003-12-09 Another gig...
...at källarn. They seem to like us there, so we will perform there the 17:th this month.

2003-11-02 Site update...
The design have been polished, and there´s also a new section - Pictures.

2003-09-16 Gig at källarn
We will play two nights at källarn (nightclub in Östersund), the 26th and the 27th this month.

2003-09-16 Guestbook!
Yep. We now have a guestbook. Write!